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In homoeopathy, we treat the man in disease not the disease in man. It is mentioned in all the texts of master Hahnemann, Dr. Kent& others. We know homoeopathy is an art as well as science. A physician especially a homoeopathic physician deals with the highest organism on this earth i.e. The MAN and his precious life. In order to understand the Man, we must know what the man is made of. Let us start with the journey of life which begins with the fertilization of a single call i.e. ovum, from this single cell it evolves to 100 trillion cells and hundred and thousands of control system to maintain it into a perfect health or homeostasis. This fertilized ovum is encoded with (gene) all future structure (body) and character (mind).

Genes and its functioning:- Gene control the heredity from parent to children, this one most of us know but few will realize that the same gene also control day to day function and reproduction of the cell. Guyton in his physiology book has mentioned “if there is any control of life, it is the gene – DNA system. Now let us know the functioning of this gene i.e. the DNA System; how it contributes to select a similimum, to understand miasm, change of constitution in acute disease and to study remedy relationship.

            The genes (DNA) are located in the nucleus of a cell. There are about 1 lac genes in each cell. The gene controls the function of the cell by determining what protein will is synthesized with in the cell. Each gene automatically controls the formation of RNA. This RNA then spreads throughout the cell to control the formation of specific protein. Two types of proteins are formed i.e. structural protein and enzymatic protein. Our genes are inherited as well as acquired characters. The proteins synthesized in each cell is expressed in structures like tissue/organ/system and our attitude, behavior, intellect, will, emotions, energy or speed, physical, mental and general make up of every individual arises from genetic map or genome. If we understand how to decode this man, we will be adding science to our healing art.

Genetic makeup:- As written earlier structural protein give rise to structure of a man i.e. tall, short, sharp, ugly, dark delicate color of eyes, texture of hair, shape of face, nose etc. It also expresses the miasm; syphilitic (ugly), sycotic (rounded features/stout), psoric (delicate shape features). The features of enzymatic proteins is expressed in desires, aversions, tolerance to environmental factors like sun, heat, wind, thermal, cold, noise, light, water regulation (thirst increased or decreased). These proteins also control the temperament of the man through his terrain i.e. limbic system e.g.:

Adrenaline – anger, fright, fear.

Nor epinephrine or Serotonin – sadness

Dopamine – joy, delusions, illusions etc.

 Our emotions are ultimately controlled by genetic makeup. The tolerance or reaction to rudeness, grief, criticism, insult, mental stress and other environmental factors will determine what type of constitution this patient is having. Prescribing for delusion, illusion, hallucinations and only on mental sphere without considering the generals and physical make up is known as emotional prescribing considering only physical symptoms are tampering homeostasis at local biochemical level. This upset the homeostasis further in deeper and deeper tissues and transfers the toxins higher to cause disease suppression.

Innate character:- now we have understood the proteins synthesized by genes gives basic character of a person e.g. Mild, timid, coward courageous, deceitful, sly, slow/fast, dull/intelligent, positive/negative etc.

Individualization:- Harrison says “more than 1/5th total protein (hence genes) in each human being exists in a form that differs from the one present in majority of persons. This remarkable genetic viability or polymorphism among normal people accounts for normal variation in body traits such as height (structure), intelligence (mind) and blood pressure (physical) etc. These genetic differences also determine the ability of each individual to meet environmental challenges including those that produce disease. All human diseases are the resultant of interaction between an individual’s unique genetic makeup and environment. So to understand a basic man, we must observer a patient from his structure, behavior and tolerance to environmental factors (Physical and general).

This shows that genetically every individual is different from another one. About 200 yrs ago; a genius physician Dr. S. Hahnemann told all this to the world in his theory of individualization which today modern science has proved scientifically. We need to correlate our entire homoeopathic principles theories and philosophy in similar manner  to make it more scientific and precise in present and future era.

Miasms:- As written earlier genes not only controls the hereditary but day to day function and reproduction of the cell and finally destruction or degeneration. The cell has 3 basic functions

  1. organization or day to day function(Psora)
  2. growth or reproduction(Sycosis)
  3. degeneration(Syphilis)

Dr. Hahnemann has also described their can be only 3 miasms namely Psora, Sycosis, syphilis related to human life and diseases.

Wholistic approach:- When we take history, we note down each and every point regarding patients state in health and diseases and relevant family and past history etc. to find out the homoeo similimum. As written earlier homeopathy is science and art but unfortunately artistic part is overlapping the scientific part. If a case is given to 10 diff. homoeopaths’ altogether, all of them will arrive at a diff remedy because each one is having his own artistic approach and explanation. Someone will prescribe on pathology, another one on only mentals, one on temperament, another on physicals etc.

Dr. S. Hahnemann says each individual is a diff individual but here we see that in one individual there are ten individuals. So which one is correct? The correct one is that which perfectly furnish the morbid totality, which characterizes the patient as a whole. All other methods may reveal the partial totality and may remove the symptoms and may not restore the health to the patient.

To get the morbid totality in each case we should consider structure, will, intellect, emotions, innate nature, energy or speed of the patient, natural traits (miasms), reaction to mental and physical stress. All these are ultimately the expression of the man (genetic code).

Remedy relationship:- At any given point of time only few genes out of 1 lac DNA are active(depressed genes). They express the real man. The totality which we consider is expressions of these depressed genes. The inactive or repressed genes may become active in insult, grief, wounded ego, anger, vaccination, use of antibiotics and environmental stress and strain. In the same person now you get the changed constitution. But by and large this remedy will be in relation to former i.e. why our remedies have complementary, follows well, antidotal etc.

 When we understand the basis constitution of a person our talk becomes very easy in acute emergencies too etc. a basic Pulsatilla constitution may come in Sil, K. Sulph ,  Gels , cham etc. or a Cham child may need Puls when grow up.Homoeopathy is purely mathematics; very few people may know that our homeopathy similimum acts at genetic level even. Dr. P. Vijaykar (of Mumbai) has given it as genetically constitutional similimum to denote the whole above theory. Perhaps he is the first man who has tried to make homoeopathy more precise and scientific by not deleting or deviating the basic principles of homeopathy given by masters like Dr. S. Hahnemann, Kent, Herrings etc.

Homoeopathic system is a full proof scientific system not a mystic science. The flaw lies with the physician who are ignorant; not in the system.  

Dr. S.S.Vithal M.D(Hom)

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