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SMOKING-- worst killer
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Smoking is bad for the health Dr K K Aggarwal 1. Smoking is bad for health. In ancient time neither good people nor bad people use to smoke. 2. Rama or Ravana and Krishna or Kansa none smoked. 3. Tobacco introduction to the society is a recent phenomena. 4. Even Birds, Animals and Insects do not eat Tobacco crop because they also know it is harmful for the health. 5. Tobacco and health you cannot have both. 6. Tobacco is a gateway for alcohol and drugs. 7. One cigarette can reduce 6 minutes of your life. Quitting at any age helps you. 8. Two years after quitting smoking your risk of heart attack is as of a non-smoker. 9. Smoking is an addiction and requires quitting under medical supervision. 10. Passive smoking is as bad as active smoking and may be even more harmful. 11. Smoking is number one cause of Cancer and Heart Attack in India. 12. Bidi smoking is as dangerous as cigarette smoking. 13. Tobacco chewing is number one cause of oral cancer in India. 14. Quitting means no tobacco consumption for three years. 15. Tobacco contains more than 4,000 cancer producing chemicals. 16. Tobacco consumption can cause infertility. 17. Tobacco consumption is linked with premature aging in women and impotence in men. If any one wants to quit...she/he can consult a classical homoeopathic physician.