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Donot get panicked if you are diagnosed with diabetes.
Follow these easy golden tips to avoid complications:-
1. Have a regular follow-up with your doctor.
2. Do not stop or alter medication on your own.
3. Avoid sugar / and things which have an increased sugar content.
4. Avoid alcohol, smoking.
5. Avoid high calories diet e.g. oily food, buttered food, fast food, street foodetc.
6. Fish oil also increase blood sugar levels.
7. Avoid vegetables which grow underground, eg. potatoes,Arbi, sweet potato etc.
8. Fruits like Chikoo, mango, bananas.grapes should be avoided.
9. Karela (Bitter gourd) and amla juice is beneficial.
10. Avoid tea, coffee and cocoa.Green tea without any sugar is beneficial.
11. Avoid chocolates, pasteries, jam, sweets.
12. Exercise regularly. Walk at least for 45 minutes daily.
13. Maintain your optimum weight.
14. Have lots of Salads instead of oily food. While going out, take a packet of biscuits with you. If you feel giddy then have 1 or 2 biscuits.
15. Take extra care for your feet. In case of any bruise of cuts, blisters swelling see your doctor immediately.
16. Cut toe nails regularly . Do not walk bare footed. Wear a good padded footwear.
17. Do not take appetite suppressants to control your weight. They increase blood sugar levels
18.Get your eyes checkup regularly from qualified & experienced eye specialist.
Blood sugar level should be under controle (i.e.60-110 fasting)always.So get it regularly checked. In homoeopathy there is best treatment for diabetes; sometimes CURE also possible.Consult at +91-1628-226092 or 231393 or 221093 or 9417021093