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A little precaution will prevent your child to suffer with allergies(Asthma or any disease). Here are a few basic steps:-
1. In families with history of allergy (asthma, eczema), avoid artificial milk, eggs, cocoa, juices & wheat preparations in newborns till completion of 6 months.
2. Exclusive breast feeding till six months from birth.
3. Vegetarians need not give non veg diet.
Here are a few points to avoid Acute phases of difficulty in all age groups:-
1. Try to recognize the trigger factors that bring on your attack, so that you can avoid them.
2. Avoid foods & drinks that are known to cause a problem such as vinegar, lemon juice, grapes, instant tea, corn syrup, fruit toppings, cold food & drink, canned vegetables, beer and wine.
3. Avoid smoke, pollution, dust as far as possible.
4. Breathing exercises helps a lot.
5. Avoid Allergens by:-
A. Choosing fresh unprocessed food better organic food items.
B. Taking extra care like wearing gloves while using detergents and cleaners.
C. Clean your house, or vacuum frequently to get rid of dust mites, animal hair, etc.
D. Avoid carpets,and tapestry furniture at home.
E. Keep away from pet animals.
F. Avoid going into rooms that are being painted or just painted.
G. Do not use strong perfumes.
H. When traveling in polluted environment roll up car windows and use air conditioning.
7. Consult a qualified Homoeopathic physician to get rid of it.Since homoeopathic medicines are not steroids but immunomodulators.