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Here are some really easy ways to tackle this \"blown out of proportion problem\".
1. Lead your life on the basis of fundamental values of what is right and what’s wrong.
2. Avoid hurting others and yourself too.
3. It’s easier to change and adapt ourselves to new circumstances, than to expect vice a versa.
4. Don’t make any decisions when angry or sad.
5. Fight it. If you can’t, then get help.
6. Enjoy nature; it’s free.
7. Spend time with our own self to introspect and retrospect daily.
8. Yell, scream or punch the bag if you feel like doing it.
9. Be joyful genuinely and not just put up the mask of happiness.
10. Last, but not the least, do not underestimate the power of Prayers. Do Meditation; it is must
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