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I feel myself lucky enough that during last few months I got few cases of this so called dreaded illness in my homoeo- hospital, forcing me to study this subject in detail. I am trying to put forth in nutshell little but important information on this subject to the profession.


HEPATITIS C —what it is?

Hepatitis C is an infection of liver caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV). The virus is passed between people through blood to blood contact like transfusion, surgical procedures, while sharing needles. Can also be due to sexual contact, tattooing and from mother to her new born baby.

HCV is wide spread.—HCV is recognized as major threat globally. More than 200 million people ie 3% of world’s population are infected with this virus. It varies in area to area i.e  Africa 5.3%, USA 1.7%, Europe 1.03%, S E Asia 2.15%. One screening studies have shown that this disease is very common in North specially Punjab. As written earlier virus spreads blood to blood contact. Can’t get HCV through causal contact, kissing, shaking hands, hugging, coughing, sneezing, food or water.

Effects of HCV----.It causes inflammation and damage to liver. Most people stay infected to the rest of their life. Over many years the damage can lead to cirrhosis and liver fracture. It can also be possible that one is infected but without any symptoms.

SYMPTOMS of HCV---- Most of the people have HCV but don’t know that they have the illness means they are free from any symptom. Interestingly in many people the presence of symptoms doesn’t bear direct relationship with the extent of disease. In other words someone with mild HCV may have many of symptoms, while other one with much more advanced disease doesn’t have any symptom. Some of common symptoms of HCV are:-   Extreme tiredness
Others symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, decreased sleep, depression, vague abdominal pains, discomfort, jaundice also. Patients with advanced liver disease may have edema feet, abdomen distended and other features of liver disease.

HOW SERIOUS IS HCV?--- It can be serious for  some but not to others. Many people will have very minimal symptoms or no symptom at all. The virus in blood becomes undetectable in about 20% of these infected people even without any treatment. This means that they have recovered from this disease. Remaining 80% are likely to retain the virus throughout their life.. Of these people about 20% will have progressive diseases like cirrhosis, liver failure and even cancer in about 20 years. The longer the person has infection, more are chances of developing cirrhosis.

DIAGNOSING of HCV:-   Most of the time it is diagnosed accidentally. Liver enzymes SGPT, SGOT are found above their normal limit. And their doctor does more tests to confirm this disease. In some cases while donating blood this virus is detected.

PROHIBITIONS to HCV patients…People diagnosed as HCV can eat or drink any thing they like. But they must take only nutritious diet. Studies have shown that people with HCV should avoid alcohol in any form. Since this virus spreads like anything in the persons who take alcohol. Liver failure is likely to occur in such cases.

SOME DO’s and DONTS for HCV positive cases.

Do visit your physician frequently with all tests reports with you
Must tell your physician about HCV positive before taking any treatment especially to your dentist.
Do tell your sexual partner so that the precautions can be taken or treatment can be taken if needed.
If you are having pregnancy must tell your obstetrician about your HCV result
Don’t drink any alcoholic drinks and avoid medicines that can damage liver.
Don’t share things like razors, blades, toothbrushes, needles etc that can be contaminated.


There is no vaccine to prevent HCV available so for in the world.
Do not shoot drugs, if cant stop it ; don’t share needles, syringes.
Don’t share personal care items like Razors, toothbrushes, blades etc.
If you are health worker or public safety worker, always follow routine barrier/ precautions.
HCV can be spread by unprotected sex so always have safe sex.
Consider the aseptically measures before getting a tattoo or piercing of any part.


In allopathy, they use Rebavirin & Interfiron which is very costly & the results are not encouraging.
In homoeopathy correct doses of most similimum remedy after proper case taking can be helpful and even preventive too.

Interesting cases:-  Mr Davinder Singh age  abt 28 yrs from a distant village from Khanna was  brought to me after treatment of poisoning  from CMC Ldh, where he was diagnosed as HCV+. I  took his case properly and prescribed Opium 10M single dose followed by PL tds. (since he was symptomless though suffering from this dreaded disease). But couldn’t get desired results. Few weeks later this pt. got urticaria. I treated him symptomatically without any local or general relief. Then to my astonishment , after consulting repertory I got a medicine ASTACUS FLAV., in which it was clearly mentioned – urticaria with liver affections. Mental and other generals also fitted in it. I gave a dose of the same in 200 potency. To my surprise not only urticaria relieved rather cured, but his HCV also under controle( rather negative) See attached reports pic1-4.

This is not the one but I got so many cases of this HCV few of them did not allow me to mention their case in any forum (Social stigma).

CONCLUSION--- Here I would like to add that nothing is incurable in Homoeopathy let it be common cold/ fever or Cancer/ HIV/HCV, if we follow the principals of this great science in toto, keeping in mind  HOMOEOPATHY TREATS THE MAN NOT THE DISEASE.