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See attached article (link at the end) from yesterday\'s Times Of India on the US FDA okaying a device to fight obesity. It is an implant to treat obesity that curbs appetite by electrically stimulating stomach nerves... that targets the nerve pathway between the brain and the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and fullness. The article mentions that one-third of all US adults are now obese.
This is utter stupidity. The entire medical system is moving more and more away from promoting health to managing illness; illnesses that are a result of wrong advice from the doctors in the first place. And the FDA leads them in their stupidity.
The human body does everything that it does for a reason. All reactions of the body are designed to correct something that is missing, or required to keep the body functioning. Hunger pangs, in spite of eating a lot, means that the body is missing out on nutrition, and is asking to be fed.
The Standard American Diet (appropriately SAD), is one where essential nutrients have been systematically culled out of the food. This is due to a variety of reasons, starting with growing the food itself, to transportation, to processing of the food, and addition of chemicals and preservatives. It is also due to excess of sugar which is deadly, lots of salt which happens to be the wrong kind of salt (processed, i.e. just pure NaCl), and the wrong kinds of fat; or even worse than that, chemical substitutes for what are considered to be unhealthy in the previous list of chemicals!
Due to the above diet, the body does not get nutrition, and cries out in hunger. And our response? Invent devices that tinker with the body\'s signalling systems rather than attack the root cause.
Why the root cause is not being attacked has a lot to do with the lobbies already established in the system which obviously do whatever is necessary to ensure their own survival. This includes the growers of food, the retailers, the food industry in general, the companies peddling medical devices, and the doctors themselves. It also has to do with the whole premise of medicine as it exists today, i.e. treat the symptoms rather than the causes.
The so-called doctors and nutritionists are increasingly clueless about what real health means. They are only trained to chase diseases.
It is not as if we in India are immune to this. We are going more and more the US way. The percentage of processed food in our diet is increasing; the salt that we consume is processed salt (with \'added iodine\' as if that helps), we are consuming increasing amounts of sugar both directly and indirectly, and we are relying on allopathic \'science\' to guide us on how to stay healthy!
One-third of India will soon be obese; and so will 95 percent of the US population (the 5% who are not obese will be the rich and the sensible; the first lot will pay for good food and good advice, the second lot will provide it).
Time to wake up? The solutions for good health are not hidden or difficult to find. What is needed is the commitment to block out all the noise, and to start looking for answers in the right places.
(link to the article: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/US-okays-worlds-1st-device-to-fight-obesity/articleshow/45934933.cms )