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Presently in most of the developed and developing countries more & more people (of both sexes) are suffering from non -communicable diseases like
Obesity & its related problems
Hypertension & other heart related problems
IBS & other related diseases
All auto-immune diseases ...etc
One can label these in short as LIFE STYLE DISEASES.
Other than genetic cause ; ACIDOSIS is most important factor which is solely responsible for all of these.

pH of healthy human body blood is slightly alkaline ie 7.365.
(Just for information pH of water is 7 which is neutral)
Less than 7 is Acidic & more than seven is alkaline.
Now a days in modern life style pH of above average population is 6.8 which is acidic means diseased.
At pH 6.4 the person dies.

The following factors/points are solely responsible for acidosis.
1- Diet
4-Drugs specially OTC drugs like Aspirin, Thyronorm,Vitamin & other supplements
(Birth to 25 yrs--is Anabolic stage)..---pH of blood is 7.7
(25-45 yrs is-- Homoeostasis) ---- pH of blood is 7.0
(45 and above is Canabolic stage --pH of blood is less than 7

Diet is the most important factor which can easily be taken care of with just a twist.
Presently in almost every home kitchens and hotels/eateries acidic diet is consumed & eaten commonly like
Milk and all milk products
Non-vegetarian food including eggs
Refined food items like refined oils, white sugar, refined floors (Maida/Rawa etc)
Packed food & drinks including all soft drinks/beverages and diet supplements
Smoking & alcohol
The above acidic diet can easily be replaced with alkaline diet which includes all seasonal fruits, vegetables, all pulses & sprouts, dry fruits, nuts & beans, rice, corn & its floor/ products, all fresh juices, lemon & other citrus fruits, coconut water/ milk & its products, black gram floor, cane juice etc. Wheat is slightly acidic so can be used.
2-Stress-- To de-stress your mind and body : Yog and meditation, deep breathing exercises, Brisk- walk, relaxation exercises etc are quite useful
3-By keeping your immune-system strong (with above said exercises, diet) the disease causing parasites will not have any effect on your health.
4- Avoid taking OTC drugs like Aspirin or any pain killers, antibiotic for minor problems. Any home remedy like decoction can be helpful.
5- We can- not control growing age;
Yes drinking enough water (8-10 glasses of 400 ml each) is very much helpful

Following points are must for every individual to remain healthy & happy
1-Water is life. One must drink at least 8-10 glasses of pure water per day that too very slowly. Never along with any food. Half to one hour before or after meals. Eat & drink separately never with meals. One must drink minimum one glass of lukewarm water while sitting/ squatting on the floor early morning before brushing or cleaning mouth. Never consume carbonated drinks/ soft drinks.
2-Food must be taken very slowly and chewed/ churned in mouth for 32 times at least per bite.
3- It is advised to take only nutritional vegetarian food which should be taken regularly & timely. EAT TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO EAT.
4- Nothing should be eaten while watching Tv/Computer or any gadgets. It will be better if taken while squatting on the floor in cool mind.
5- Never eat any JUNK FOOD or fast food. Better Sprouts/ nuts/ dry fruits can be taken in between if feel hungry.
6- Seasonal fruits/ vegetables/ fresh juices, soups are better choice specially in breakfast.
7- It is advised to sit in VAJARASAN after each meals may be for few minutes.
8- One must do exercises/ Yog/Walk/Cycling etc regularly. Ten thousands steps per day to be taken for sedentary life living persons. Minimum five hundreds after dinner. Minimum gap between sleep & meals must be at least two hours.
9- Sun bath is equally necessary for all human beings as water & air. one must take 30-40 mnts per day at least for 30-40 days in one year.
10- Smoking ,alcohol, soft drinks, any to bed at night daily. addictives, non vegetarian food are harmful for everybody; must be avoided.
11- Get your health check up timely from an expert / qualified physician. Never consume any medicine without consulting your doctor.
12- Avoid using utensils made of aluminium for cooking or serving any food.
13- Must brush your teeth before going to bed at night.
14- six to eight hours of sleep at night is must for all adults. Sleep early to wake up early in the morning.
Along with best selected homoeopathic medication if above factors like diet, exercise etc are prescribed ; the results will be marvelous specially in the treatment of chronic diseases.
And the effect of ACIDOSIS will be minimum