About Us

Step 1: Payment options

A simple registration form allows the patient or his family member to sign up for the treatment using the following modes of payment. 

* Send /transfer the requisite amount in bank. A/c no can be taken by sending request by email. After confirming this you will be provided a case taking  form to be filled accurately in English/Hindi/Punjabi language.
* After thorough study few clarifications will/can be done online or by telephonic talk.
* Medicine will be dispatched after that through courier only.

Step 2: Submitting Your Case:  Now submit/ send your duly filled case  recording form (already sent to you) through email or by post at address   which is mentioned at contact us section.
Rest everything will be done by our expert team
P.S.Follow up of the case is more important than first prescription. So be in contact always through net/ phone

Consultation Charges (Valid For India Only).
Fee--- Rs.500/- first time.
Medicine charges for one week Rs.300/- to Rs 500/- onwards(depends on each case/ disease)
Follow up consultation--- 500/- after 2months (Optional)
(Medicines to other countries has been banned by the postal authorities of India so, one has to carry his/ her medicines on his/her own or through any third party.) In major cities of India medicine can be dispached by courier.(packing and courier charges extra.)
By using this online consultation program, you as a patient or a patients family member agree to the terms of use

Thanks for consulting Dr. S.S.Vithal MD.