Diet and Nutrition

Are You looking for the Best Dietician/ Nutritionist in India ? Does the word “diet” immediately make you think of an unpleasant weight-loss regimen?
If it did, you are probably not alone. For example, consider the use of the term “diet” in marketing food products—it usually describes foods low in calories, such as diet soda. But there is another meaning of this word. Diet can also refer to the food and drink a person consumes daily and the mental and physical circumstances connected to eating. Nutrition involves more than simply eating a “good” diet—it is about nourishment on every level. It involves relationships with family, friends, nature (the environment), our bodies, our community, and the world.
Choices about nourishment are very much linked to other human beings and other life forms on this planet, so healthy (and unhealthy) decisions have great impact.
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What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly. To get the nutrition you need, most of your daily calories should come from:
  • fresh fruit
  • fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Lean protein

About calories

The number of calories in a food refers to the amount of energy stored in that food. Your body uses calories from food for walking, thinking, breathing, and other important functions.
The average person needs about 2000 calories every day to maintain their weight, but the amount will depend on their age, sex, and physical activity level.
Males tend to need more calories than females, and people who exercise need more calories than people who don’t.
Current guidelines list the following calorie intakes for males and females of different ages:
The source of your daily calories are also important. Foods that provide mainly calories and very little nutrition are known as “empty calories”.
Examples of foods that provide empty calories include:
  • cakes, cookies, and donuts
  • processed meats
  • energy drinks and sodas
  • fruit drinks with added sugar
  • ice cream
  • chips and fries
  • pizza
  • sodas
However, it’s not only the type of food but the ingredients that make it nutritious.
A homemade pizza with a wholemeal base and plenty of fresh veggies on top may be a healthy choice. In contrast, premade pizzas and other highly processed food often contain empty calories.
To maintain good health, limit your consumption of empty calories and instead try to get your calories from foods that are rich in other nutrients.


Dietitians are healthcare professionals specialized in nutrition and diet. They can evaluate, diagnose, and treat nutritional disorders.

Dietitians create food and nutrition plans person to person and educate in terms of healthy eating habits to prevent and treat illness.

To consult a dietitian online, click on the “START TREATMENT” on the home page of website. Then fill the Appointment form to avail slot for a dietician. or what app or call us to schedule the appropriate slot for you.

Yes a dietitian can treat all nutrition and diet-related problems. They diagnose eating disorders for the management of symptoms. you can cure you most of the disease with the help of balanced diet plan.

You should consult a dietitian if you want to manage diabetes, high blood pressure or weight loss/gain, pcod/pcos/cholesterol and weight management.

No, on website you have to book an appointment with dietician with available slot. Our dieticians are available round-the-clock for online support. Just pick your preferred slot and book a consultation.

Yes, video call consultations is available and there is no time limit till your queries resolved.

A dietician can help you manage your diabetes by prescribing a healthy eating plan to control your blood sugar. The diet plan will also help you in managing your weight while controlling the risk factors of heart disease.

The major difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that the former are trained professionals treat medical conditions and promote nutritional wellbeing while the latter does not treat medical conditions. Nutritionists focus on promoting healthy eating in healthy individuals while dieticians work with people with chronic disorders such as diabetes.

Yes, dietitians can help you lose weight by creating a personalised health plan. A dietitian will study your eating habits and help you set new nutrition goals. You will be advised on how many calories to eat per day so that you can lose weight safely and steadily.