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10 Essential Recovery Steps for your Child’s from Autism- Dr. Vithal Homoeopathy

It is very natural for all parents to go through a  ‘difficult period’  initially once they come to know about their child ‘s autism issue. My advice would be’ please don’t despair’  even if your pediatrician has taken away every bit of hope of your child’s recovery from autism. I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention. You can believe me because I have huge experience in dealing with Autism. My Clinic  deals with nearly 3-5 new cases of autism every day and a follow-up of at least dozen Autism cases every day.

1) Autism Intervention – Earlier the Better: Start early. Once the diagnosis is done, it is very essential to come to terms with the diagnosis as fast as possible.  I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child. Early intervention has a  very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.

2) Making sure of the  Autism Diagnosis : In a very young child, lets say between 18- 24 months, the diagnosis is difficult and it becomes all the more difficult if the child has mild problem. Taking the child to your Family doctor or a pediatrician can at times delay the diagnosis as some of them might be not clinically trained to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder ( I could be wrong here , as the clinical training differs from country to country  and also the experience and the awareness  has a  strong bearing  on the knowledge of the Pediatrician.).  A Neuro developmental specialist is the right person for diagnosis. One diagnostic  sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. Especially, when a stranger is calling it out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum.

Bottom-line if you suspect that your child has autism; please take him to the right place for diagnosis as fast as possibleAnd if your fears are confirmed, Start Behavior and Homeopathic Intervention as fast as possible .

3) Understand what has happened to your Child: If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand  what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . He is less connected to the world around him. His mind is getting trained to be in his own world. He is self – stimulating because of that . Prevent that . This is stopping him from learning new things

4) Autism Confirmed – Time to go all guns blazing: Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter. Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into. ‘Concentrated effort’ is what is required , I have realized  that parents who put in all  their resources early ; whether it time or available manpower , stand a very good chance of seeing a recovery in their Child’s Autism  problem.

5) Autistic Kids – A big No To Regular School : I was treating a child who was three and a half with moderate level of Autism and no speech . This child after 3-4 months of Homeopathic Treatment developed speech and could speak between 20-30 odd words although they were just single words . Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt. After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school . This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism. I asked the mother to go and observe the child in the school . She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated. He was also self Stimulating  in school. As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism. I would suggest that one should avoid school for kids with autism in early stage. Child should be only put in school , only if the school provides a dedicated shadow teacher . Regular schools should be completely avoided ; in fact they can work against your child’s improvement. The big reason for not putting your child into school is that it causes pure regression as the child gets good enough time to be into his own world, hence his learning is not happening and also his mind is getting trained be in his own self.

6) Autism Therapist VS You : It is  you and  not the therapist who is going to make the big difference. Taking the child to a therapist has a pitfall. Most parents get relaxed and they stop working with the child as much as they should, once they are seeking help from a therapist. They completely overlook the stimulation that should be given at home. Its my personal experience with thousands of cases that I am writing this feature and have seen this fallout of the therapy in quite a number of cases. I will try and make myself more clear – If you are taking your child for therapy make sure that when the child is back home ,he should not get any free time in the house to slip into his own world. This slipping into his own self is the biggest  impediment to his recovery . Most of our learning occurs from what we learn passively. When a child with autism slips into his self , his passive learning is not taking place hence he is not learning. Taking the child to the best therapist or the best therapy centre makes the parents believe that they are doing their bit and the child will automatically or over a period of time recover from autism because of the therapy he is receiving; where as what is actually happening is that the all the good work that therapist is doing , is getting anti doted by the hours of isolated state that the child slips into when he is back home. Once back home , keep up with the stimulation . Play , talk , dance …do all kind of activities . Keep him engaged in a loop with you and the regular world around him

7) Parents are the best Therapist for Autistic kids :There is no harm in engaging a therapist or taking your child to the Autism therapy centre as long as you are spending a lot of time with the child. I have always suggested parents to take more pro-active role in the execution of therapies. I have seen that  children recover from autism  more when their parents are actively involved in giving therapy to the child at home . Autism therapies are no rocket science ; one can easily learn them. There is a lot of information and videos available on the net. Try Searching You Tube for videos and you will find thousands of them. You are the best Therapist For him.

8) The Big Mantra in Autism Recovery Therapy – Stimulate & Simulate & Stimulate: As I already said autism therapy is no rocket science, the basic fundamental behind every therapy is to constantly engage with the child ; Never leave him alone. Don’t let him slip into his own world . This is what is most damaging for the child with autism. His slipping into his own self is keeping him away from learning new things hence he is not speaking and doing things. Constantly stimulate the child ; talk , play , dance . Engage with him in every moment . Do not leave him alone. You have to train his mind to be out of the Inward State . The whole exercise aims at training the mind to be constantly connected with outer world so that he can passively learn things.

9) TV, iPad, iPhone etc Make your Child’s Autism Recovery Difficult: I have already written about dangers of television watching in my previous post and its suspected linkage to Autism . Please keep them away from gadgets . He is  not learning anything from it ; most of the times they are a big fixation for them and are making things worse . I have seen miraculous results in hundreds of cases where the kids were pulled away from gadgets . These gadgets promote their self stimulatory behaviour.

What Working mothers  with Autistic Kids should do for recovery ?

Its now or never. If you are not the only bread-earner in the family , leave your job and be with  your child for an year( if you have caught him early) . Early intervention with Right Homeopathic treatment can really pull your child out of  Autism Spectrum. Prioritise your child’s Recovery. Unfortunately you might not  get this opportunity to revert back his state after an year . Another advise that I have always given to mothers and has really helped many kids is that the mothers should match their Sleep Rhythm with that off the child. It really helps  them to focus more on the child and gives more ‘High energy Time’ for the mothers to engage with the child, It is  about matching your peak energy hours with that of the child .

I have often observed this , that once the Parents come to know about their child’s autism issue , working mothers tend to do their office work from home ; this again can be  a misleading situation . In my experience noting major is achieved by this in most of the cases. The child will still be getting  a lot of time to be into his own world. For what I have said in the last few lines might differ from case to case , so use your own discretion but be aware of what I say – ‘working from home might not carry the full impetus that is needed to bring your child out of autism.

10) Get More People In the House- Are nuclear families to be blamed for an increase in the incidence of autism , no one really knows the real answer ; but certainly human interaction has a lot to do with the child’s recovery in autism. Its my personal opinion that if there more people available in the house for kids to interact with their chances of recovery  from autism are high – Remember it is beneficial only if those people spend time by playing and  interacting with the child .

Train your Autistic Kids mind for Passive learning

A lot of learning happens passively in kids; they learn a lot from what is going on around them. Kids with autism tend to slip into their own world , thus their passive learning is not happening . Constant stimulation trains their mind to be out of their state and they start learning things passively. So my advise is to give constant stimulation and avoid what is the conventional practise now a days of taking the child to the therapist for an hour or two in the morning and then letting him  be in their own world throughout the day.

Do Not Focus only on Speech with your Autistic Child Speech is not a stand-alone feature of brain , it results from the cumulative development of various faculties of brain . Many parents mainly focus on making their kids speak a single word like Mama, papa or dada. I opine that parents should not do this and should focus on the overall stimulation of the child . Spontaneous speech is what we really look for in kids who start recovering from autism . A child having Spontaneous speech refers to a situation where the child  can speak more than what he has been forced to learn. He is able to pickup words from his environment and speak on his own.

Start Homeopathy for Autism –Autism & Homoeopathy Dr.Vithal

The sad part in my years of hard work with autism , is that most of the parents do not provide any kind of testimonial once their kids have recovered from autism. Although they are not obliged to do so , yet it is something that I feel that they owe it back to the society . It is very frustrating and humiliating when you are refused a testimonial. I have explained the parents that it is not for me that they should do this but for those thousands of parents who are hopeless about their kids recovery from autism. Most of my request go in vain. Yet , Some brave ones  have given video testimonials of recovery which are available on my YouTube channel one can subscribe . Homeopathic medicines have a big role to play in the field of Autism .There are plenty of features in this website  that I have written on how homeopathy can be helpful in treating autism. Briefly I  will explain the modalities – Autism Recovery with homeopathy has certain factors  attached to it. Age of the child , Hyperactivity and last the verbal development has a lot to do with the overall outcome in the case . Homeopathy can in some kids ,can be a big boon ( I am  clearly stating that most kids recover dramatically with homeopathy… not all ) .

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* Most of the information has been collected from experience as for reference different sources , Information have been collected from books , newspapers, clinical cases etc. for the benifit of humanity and guiding people to adapt the new way of disease free lifestyle.

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