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Autism and Homeopathy - Dr. Vidur vithal MD

Homoeopathy the Holistic Hope & Approach for Autism Spectrum Disorders – Dr. Vidur Vithal MD

I, personally, understand Autism as complex neuro-psychological disorder and its definite treatment is only possible when the mental aspect the Disorder is rectified. Studying the children in whom the condition was reversed, using homoeopathic medicines, has further endorsed the significance of treating the psychological aspect, to reverse/rehabilitate the disorder more effectively in a very short period. The conventionally done therapies like – occupation, speech, biomed, ABA, special diets, supplements, etc., chiefly work on the neuro-physical aspect of the body, but are nevertheless important for a holistic improvement, appropriate rehabilitation and support, on a case to case basis.

Many mannerisms, psychologists considered it to be ‘sensory issues’, are psychobiological in nature and may be resulting from individual mental aberrations. The maternal antenatal stress, too plays a role in the development / manifestation of the disorder. One such important findings is, delayed speech and communicative deficits in children whose mothers felt lack of love and affection from the care takers / husband. Homoeopathically remedying these effects on affected children has restored speech & expression and has also improved behavior and understanding.

Interdisciplinary research and studies on the effectivity of various several interventions, will immensely help in discovering the panacea for this disorder and finding better means of rehabilitation and support in the elders. Such studies greatly help i the parents by creating an environment of correct awareness and educate the physicians, therapists, etc., in helping them and or guiding them more promptly, to the right direction. An environment of correct awareness must be created for parents tohelp put back these children in to the society, where they rightfully belong.

Autism is a syndrome that leads to disturbance in a child’s behaviour and normal development. Typically, a parent will observe that their child is different from other children of his/her age group in the way he/she behaves, speaks (or the lack of it) and performs daily activities as compared to an average child.

Autism is usually diagnosed by the age of three. It is a lifelong disorder caused by abnormal neurological development. It is one of five pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) that also include Asperger’s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett syndrome and pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), which are now classified as autism spectrum disorders.

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities that cause difficulty in social interaction, communication and limited or repetitive activities.

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Autism and Homeopathy – Dr. Vidur vithal MD

People with autism react differently to stimulations such as touch, sound, light, etc.; and have some amount of mental retardation. They are also at a risk of developing epilepsy. Autism affects every aspect of behaviour; lack or delay in speech, poor non-verbal communication, repetitive movements, minimal eye contact, diminished interest in being sociable, lack of spontaneity and insight, and fascination with sparkling objects, amongst other things. Some children with autism can be very aggressive and may land up injuring themselves with behaviours like banging their head against the wall or biting themselves. Interestingly, many children with autism have an average or above average IQ.

Many autistic children, however, are able to show their feelings and emotions like average children, but in different ways. However, not all children with autism can express their emotions and feelings.

Some children with autism have developmental difficulties such as speech, which is why it becomes difficult for them to initiate or carry out conversations.

With timely homeopathic treatment, many autistic children are able to learn and function better.

  • According to a scientific report, autism spectrum disorders affect 1 among every 68 children in the United States of America.
  • It is estimated that the overall prevalence increases by about 10 to 17% each year.
  • Autism spectrum disorders occur almost 4.5 times more often in boys.
  • Symptoms of autism are usually seen during early childhood, and autism is diagnosed by the age of three.
  • The symptoms intensify in various degrees from one child to another.
  • The reaction to external factors like light, touch and smell can be normal, over-reaction or under-reaction. Normal touch may be experienced as very painful, normal smell may be very unpleasant to the child, and daily noises may be very disturbing too. On hearing loud noises – for instance, a vacuum cleaner – they may end up crying inconsolably.
  • They may appear indifferent to their surroundings.
  • They are happy to be alone.
  • They do not have much interest in toys, like other children.
  • They do not respond to others when an attempt is made to talk to them.
  • They are not able show or point out their interests to others.
  • Their activity levels fluctuate; they have a tendency to become hyperactive and, by contrast, inactive.
  • They do not like being cuddled or hugged.
  • Children with autism are usually not able to speak normally; because they cannot express themselves clearly, they tend to use gestures instead of words.
  • Some children develop abnormal speech, which is not recognised by others.
  • They tend to talk repetitively and use the same words over and over.
  • They are known to throw tantrums.
  • They may get too attached to certain objects.
  • They cannot maintain eye contact.
  • Some children do not fear apparent dangers.
  • As they are not able to respond to normal methods of teaching, they need special schools.

Autism is usually diagnosed by the age of three. Early diagnosis and treatment often helps to improve the outcome for patients.

Diagnosis includes the following:

  • physical examination (may include neurological examination)
  • medical history (includes family history, birth history and records of early development)
  • medical tests (to rule out other conditions)
  • physicians use various screening tools to evaluate their development, communication and language skills and interaction with others
Autism & Diet plan - Dr.Vithal
Autism & Homoeopathic Treatment

 How to manage a child with autism? Homeopathic treatment is recommended with the following therapies as per the child’s needs:

Occupational therapy: This helps the child to be independent by teaching basic skills like dressing/undressing, hygiene and cleanliness.

Physical therapy: This helps the child perform regular physical exercise to develop better control over body movements.

Behaviour modification: There are several methods of behaviour modification that help overcome problems of repetitive and aggressive behaviour. Behaviour modification helps children with autism master necessary skills required for daily functioning.

Sensory integration therapy: This is a type of behaviour modification that focuses on helping children with autism deal with problems of external stimulation, such as pain, touch, noise, smell, etc. The child is given repeated exposure in a designed way in order to develop an appropriate response towards certain stimulations.

Play therapy: this type of behaviour modification is used to improve emotional development, social skills and learning. It involves an interaction between the child and an adult, which is controlled by the child.

Communication therapy: this helps in developing communication skills for children who are not able to communicate verbally. It also helps autistic children develop language and speech.

Autism homeopathy treatment offers an effective, safe and gentle way of treating autism as its remedies target each pattern of symptoms. With the help of homeopathy treatment, children with severeautism show progress and a marked reversal in the condition. Homeopathy helps manage aggression, enhances physical health problems and reinforcesthe overall wellbeing in children with autism.

For almost a century, the medical profession has struggled to comprehend and work out ways to treat autism. Stimulants, tranquilizers, hypnotics, etc. have been used from time to time to deal with autism buthave resultedin short-term or temporary gains. Homeopathy treats the causes from the root and modifies the behavior of all concerned for good; not only for the child but for the parents as well.

Homeopathic remedies are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for longer durations without the fear of any harmful side-effects. Autism homeopathy treatment focuses on dealing with autism naturally. A parent can be 100% sure of their child’s safety.

Autism presents itself differently in different children.An individualistic approach is taken in every case. Different Homeopathic medicines for autism are prescribed at different stages of the condition. A child’s health history is like a puzzle for a homeopath. Each ailment or condition he/she has had fills in one more piece of that puzzle. This helps to put together a suitable homeopathic treatment plan. Homeopathic medicines for autismaddress the mental, emotional and physical symptoms, which contribute to healing the condition.

The homeopathic case evaluation of a child with autism incorporates a detailed study of the diseases in the family, which help to understand the genetic ground for autism. The case summary also considers impaired functions in terms of communication, speech, behavior, social skills, tantrums, etc. Because it can be difficult to get a detailed description of pain or other symptoms of autism parents are also focused on during the case-taking procedure.

Homeopaths examine the symptoms present in children with autism. Are they violent? Do they have anxiety? Do they have constipation or diarrhea? Are they hand-flapping or toe-walking? Are they typically warm or very relaxed? All these small differences dictate a different autism treatment in homeopathy, to help them heal better.

Homeopathy brings balance tothe immune system of the child. Homeopathic medicines for autism lessen the state of vulnerability. They also bring a change tothe state of reactivity. When reactivity improves, other characteristics emerge. Thus healing takes place through the sequential use of homeopathic medicines in a judicious way. Autism homeopathy treatment treats the condition wholly and aims to treat the generic tendencies with a strategic management process.

The sad part in my years of hard work with autism , is that most of the parents do not provide any kind of testimonial once their kids have recovered from autism. Although they are not obliged to do so , yet it is something that I feel that they owe it back to the society . It is very frustrating and humiliating when you are refused a testimonial. I have explained the parents that it is not for me that they should do this but for those thousands of parents who are hopeless about their kids recovery from autism. Most of my request go in vain. Yet , Some brave ones  have given video testimonials of recovery which are available on my YouTube channel one can subscribe . Homeopathic medicines have a big role to play in the field of Autism .There are plenty of features in this website  that I have written on how homeopathy can be helpful in treating autism. Briefly I  will explain the modalities – Autism Recovery with homeopathy has certain factors  attached to it. Age of the child , Hyperactivity and last the verbal development has a lot to do with the overall outcome in the case . Homeopathy can in some kids ,can be a big boon ( I am  clearly stating that most kids recover dramatically with homeopathy… not all ) .

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