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Hypertention ( High Blood Pressure): Role of Diet & Homoeopathy to control – Dr.Vithal

Blood pressure refers to the measured pressure in the circulatory system. The latter consists of arterial blood “pumped” by the heart delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the organs and tissues, and venous blood which returns “used” blood back to the lungs to release carbon dioxide and receive oxygen. The kidneys filter materials and salts, mainly sodium. This heart-lung­ kidney mechanism must be kept in good working order to maintain health. Diet and exercise are of utmost importance in the prevention of heart, lung and kidney disease. It does not take our modern medicine to tell us this.

Diet should be as near organic as possible. Organic foods are balanced foods absorbing nutrients in proportions and at a pace intended by nature. When forced to behave in ways not intended, nature can hit back in relentless ways. For example food grown in soil containing too much aluminium due to acid rain, nitrates from industrial waste, or artificial nitrogen to force growth, can have devastating effects on the human body causing fine “scratch” marks in the arteries around which plaques can gather cholesterol and other material causing atheromatous patches. These are weak areas, which can rupture and leak causing strokes. This is especially so where blood pressure is raised.

Strong tea, coffee and nicotine, as well as causing emotional stress cause stimulation of the delicate arterial musculature. After a while this will cause hardening of the structure. Pressure increases inside the soft pliable arteries and hardening of the arteries occurs. This shows up in older people especially. It is a shame to speed up the process from youth and the middle years due to ignorance and/or neglect.

Now at last, we are recognising the importance of salt in our diet. Salt (sodium chloride) is hygroscopic – it absorbs fluid into itself. If salt is put into a dish in a damp atmosphere it will become damp and wet. (This is why anti-caking agents must be added to keep the salt dry and running, therefore easier to pour.) Salt works the same way in the body’s system.

Food items to be avoided in hypertensives • Table salt • Mono sodium glutamate (Ajinomoto) • Baking powder • Sodium bicarbonate • Fried foods • Alcohol • Sugar, mithais, candies Salt preserved foods • Pickles and canned foods • Ketchup and sauces • Prepared mixes • Ready to eat foods (soups) Highly salted foods • Potato chips, cheese, peanut • Butter, salted butter, papads Bakery products • Biscuits, cakes, • Breads and pastries.

Salt retention
The kidneys and skin regulate salt secretion via the sweat. After a while, they can only handle so much and become overloaded. The salt becomes retained in the system and pressure increases. Salt can move out of the blood stream into the tissues, some being excreted in the sweat. Perspiration often tastes very salty. Tissues and organs which are “salted up” are not functioning to capacity. Some of the symptoms which may occur are palpitations in the heart, pins and needles in the hands and feet, and fluid retention – “swelling up” before periods. It is marvellous how when homeopathic medicines are correctly prescribed and salt is balanced, PMT is cured. Salt with its attendant fluid retention can pressure the magnesium and calcium out of the microscopic tissue cells leading to cramps/spasms (homeopathic Mag Phos rarely fails to cure the abdominal cramps of PMT).

Emotional stress
This affects the production of chemical changes in the body leading to hypertension. The tension produced can lead to many varied emotions. Homeo­pathic medicines needed are the ones corresponding to these individually:

  • Agitation may need Ars Alb

  • Fear may need Aconite

  • Anxiety may need Arg Nit

  • Anger may need Nux Vomica

  • Resentment may need Staphysagria

  • Grief may need Ignatia

  • Black depression may need Aurum met

This must be graded to the individual. Where blood pressure is raised, exercise must be carefully undertaken and supervised bearing in mind the chronicity or otherwise of the blood pressure. Sometimes, it is safer to alter diet and prescribe homeopathically well before prescribing exercise. Weight reduction causes less work for the system as a whole. Exercise especially in fresh air helps the intake of oxygen and opens up sluggish arteries which helps venous blood return, improving oxygen intake and so on.

Most of the information has been collected from experience , different sources , books , newspapers, clinical cases etc for the benifit of humanity and guiding people to adapt the new way of disease free lifestyle.

Dr. Vidur SN Vithal BHMS; DNHE; MD (Hom.)

Internationally Renound Homeopath & Nutritionist.