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Autism & it’s Homeopathic treatment FAQs – Dr. Vithal

What is the most effective treatment for autism?
Currently, there is no proven remedy that can cure autism and all of its symptoms permanently. But some treatments can help deal with certain symptoms associated with autism. Some conventional medications carry risks and can be injurious to health. For example, stimulants are prescribed to help children with autism. They can reducehyperactive behavior in some but not in all autistic children. But this autistic child treatment may come with unwanted side-effects like irritability, tics, more repetitive behavior and more anxiety. Families should collaborate with their children’s healthcare providers to ensure the use of safe medication.

Homeopathy treats the root cause(s) of autism. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly & completely safe for people of all ages and who are sensitive or have experienced side-effects of allopathic medications.

How do you treat a child with autism?

  • Be patient: It often takes a child with autism longer to process information. You require slowing down your speech to his or her speed and adapting a more patient attitude while interacting with them.
  • Explain to the child how to express anger without being too aggressive: Children with autism should be made to realize that they don’t have to bottle up their anger and frustration. Instead, they can be taught to express it in more constructive ways.
  • Always stay positive: Children with autism generally respond well to positive reinforcement. Be sure to talk about or reward good behavior often.
  • Ignore attention-seeking behavior: A child with autism may act out to get you to focus on them. Ignoring this act is often the best way to restrain it.
  • Interact through physical activity: Children with autism have short attention spans. This is notably true while communicating. Playing outside and running around can be a better way of sharing time. It will also help them calm down and feel relaxed.
  • Be affectionate and respectful: Children with autism often need a hug, sometimes more than other children. In some cases, children don’t like to be touched. Respect their personal space. Never force physical affection on a reluctant child.
  • Show your love and interest: Children with autism may have trouble showing their feelings. But they should know that you love them. Express your interest in their wellbeing as well as your care and support.
  • Believe:A child with autism is foremost a child. He or she is a maturing person with unknown possibilities. Believe in what the child can do. Don’t define the child by an interpretation.

When to start homeopathic treatment for autism?

Autism needs early intervention and treatment so that thechild doesn’t suffer for a prolonged period of time because of his/her developmental disabilities. We therefore strongly suggest that parents start autism treatmentat as early an age as possible for maximum benefits.

How long should homeopathic medicines need to be given for autism?

The speed of improvement depends on the complexity of symptoms and the age at which autism treatment is initiated. One might expect that one particular medicine can treat autism, but that is not the case. Symptoms change enormously with time and with that, medicines also need to be modified to address each point of the trigger, for the condition to be managed effectively.