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Anxious or Anxiety: Which one Is Worse? Ask Dr. Vithal

Life is so busy for all of us nowadays and this includes our children. We are aware of course that they are part of our busy daily schedule (how could we forget?), but what we may well forget is that they are often acted by the ‘busyness’ of our schedules and indeed their schedules. Their minds can become so full and overworked, that they do not realize they are becoming stressed by this. In some cases, your child’s anxiety may be coming from other causes such as a situation occurring in school or with friends.

Anxiousness is a temporary
and expected response to a
stressful situation. In other
words, the situation often
acts as a trigger.
With an anxiety disorder,
anxiousness hits a person
all of a sudden. There may
be no specific events or
situation that triggers them.
• Worrying about day-to-day
• Nerves or sweating before a
big event
• Fear of an object, place or
• Difficulty coping after a
traumatic event
• Being constantly over-alert
aware of surroundings
• Irritability
• Lack of concentration
• Sweating
• Fatigue
• Feeling disconnected /
Professional Help:
• No professional help is
Professional Help:
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Homoeopathic medication
Comparison between Anxiety & Anxious – Dr. Vithal

Homoeopathic Treatment

Anxiety disorders are treatable in homeopathy. The treatment is based on a complete evaluation of the child/adolescent’s symptom pattern and intensity of symptoms.

For homeopathy, every case is an individual case and the medicine is decided on these individual symptoms.Causative factors are more important than the symptoms. If they are identified clearly and the prescription is based on it, this can lead to a faster clearance of the disorder.

For kids developing symptoms of fear and acute anxiety before the exams homeopathic medicines can do a real great job in giving instant relief. Consult your Homoeopathic Paediatrician now.

Most of the information has been collected from experience , different sources , books , newspapers, clinical cases etc for the benifit of humanity and guiding people to adapt the new way of disease free lifestyle.

Dr. Vidur SN Vithal BHMS; DNHE; MD (Hom.)

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