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ADHD Assessment

ADHD FREE ASSESSMENT of your child – Homoeopathy is effective & Safe

Dear Parents / Teachers ?, I know symptoms of ADHD are hard on your whole family. Add on the co-existing symptoms of Dyslexia, Anxiety, other learning & Behavioral problems. Parents. Do You Struggling about ADHD diagnosis coming with:?

– Severe embarrassment

– A lack of belonging

– Harmful labels

– Behavior issues

– Poor results in the classroom (reading, spelling writing and math)

I also know that there’s hope. If you’re like most families I work with, the stress of managing and navigating an ADHD diagnosis in your family has you feeling completely powerless. Maybe it was another parent-teacher conference. Maybe it was an especially poor grade or maybe it was just a particularly severe outburst this week that has you desperately looking for solutions. Today, I believe you’ve found one. Regardless of your unique circumstances, or the severity of your child’s behavior problems, ADHD does not have to cripple your family any longer.

I’ve helped hundreds of children and adults overcome the symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety, and live more peaceful and fulfilling lives. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the heart-breaking challenges of the ADHD mind in a neurotypical environment. As somebody diagnosed with ADHD/ Dyslexia I know these challenges firsthand. And I know what it takes to solve them. The root of the problem is this….

PARENTS: Your “neurotypical brain” is organized like a filing cabinet. The way you process and recall information is based on how organized the structure of those tabs and folders that you have developed.  This organization affects both your performance and your efficiency in your daily tasks.  Yet, the ADHD brain is more like a messy office that has an overflowing filing cabinet filled with unorganized papers, half-scribbled post-its, photos, and objects in unorganized piles all over the room.  And everyone in the family knows not to touch anything, or suffer the wrath of messing with your child’s system.  Eventually, the ADHD mind will find what they need, but because they have a hard time processing the way a typical brain does the result usually causes them (and those around them) extreme frustration.  

The good news?

There’s a way to work with the ADHD brain for your child’s success. I’m here to show you how. But first, I need you to understand that the challenges you’ve faced so far are not your fault. They aren’t your child’s fault. They aren’t your spouse’s fault. 

An ADHD mind just isn’t wired to receive audio/visual inputs (like written words and lectures) as well as kinesthetic input (hands-on learning). And that’s okay! This is why your child becomes fully engaged in things like Legos, building, and movemetnt but can’t focus on long instruction. I personally know what it’s like to in college fail English 101 three times and be constantly frustrated in school.

After being diagnosed with ADHD/Dyslexia at age thirty, I dove into research to figure out how to overcome my difficulty with the 2-D world. It was then that I discovered the blindspots that had been holding me back all of my life.

You see, there are necessary neural connections that need to be made in order to handle –  

– Abstract concepts

– Stress

– Focus

And the many more accompanying challenges of an ADHD mind. As I’ve worked on my own challenges and helped hundreds of families over the years, I’ve discovered and refined the best exercises for building up these weak connections. The results of these exercises have been nothing but astounding. I have worked with hundreds of students, and they’ve all been shocked at how quickly they can catch up once they learn how to use their unique mind to its full potential. ADHD Learning Pathways is backed by a growing understanding of neurodevelopment, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity. With certain natural brain stimulation and multi-sensory exercises, we can build the necessary neural pathways to organize your child’s brain efficiently and effectively.

Just like the neurotypical “filing cabinet brain”. This means your child will find more:

-Self-confidence in the classroom

-Control in their relationships

-Better grades

-And increased responsibility

But with ADHD Learning Pathways with homoeopathic treatment, you can complete our program in as little as 6 months, and see results in as soon as 4-6 weeks! And best of all, we don’t charge a fraction of what other programs cost. I care deeply about making sure ADHD treatment is affordable for the families who are affected by its challenges.

AHDH & Homoeopathy Treatment :

Homeopathy has an excellent scope in the treatment of ADHD. Medicines prescribed in homeopathy are in minute doses and can be safely administered by children suffering.  Homeopathic medicines are not habit forming, so one need not worry about drug dependency. Each child suffering from ADHD has different symptoms and different triggers. Homeopathic physician considers all the details of a person before the final prescription. We have best team of homeopaths and psycologists, who are working for the upliftment of child with holistic approach. 

Currently, we are handling ADHD children queries mostly around the world via tele consulations and trying our level best to providing them right therapy and medicine. Just we need your 10 minutes to just fill the form for ADHD Assessment and submit it. Results will be sent your email in short time after submission.


Disclaimer : Most of the information has been collected from experience , different sources , books , Internet, newspapers, clinical cases etc for the benifit of humanity and guiding people to adapt the new way of disease free lifestyle. 

Dr. Vidur SN Vithal BHMS; DNHE; MD (Hom.)  (Internationally renound Paediatic Homeopath & nutritionist)